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Sergeant Ken Harrell & Samson

Samson is pictured with some of the trophies he won in USPCA trials. He was trained for both patrol dog and narcotic detection duties and excelled in both. Samson was put to sleep on 10/31/98 and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I retired as Administrative Sergeant from the Sherburne County Sheriff's Department, Minnesota in 2000 and moved to Oregon. I spent the next two years fishing, hunting, and exploring Oregon on my motorcycle. I went back to work for the Benton County Sheriff's Office in 2002 as the Support Services Division Commander and retired for good in 2005. I spent 12 years as a K9 handler with Sherburne County and it was the best duty assignment I could have asked for. I still think about and miss Samson.